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Don Cheadle And The Cast Of ‘No Sudden Move’ Talk Crazy Plot Twists And Working Together



The last time we were blessed with a Steven Soderbergh film starring Don Cheadle was in his 1998 hit ‘Out of Sight.’ But it looks like Soderbergh definitely went back into his bag of plot twists and shock value when he decided to reunite with the actor 23 years later for ‘No Sudden Move.’

If you’re a fan of Don’s, you know he always plays the man with a plan and surely this twisty thriller was no different.

“I personally like movies where you’re not ahead of it and you can’t clearly decide who you like and who you don’t like. You kind of just have to take the whole thing in and participate in it and I think that’s what Steven over his career has been able to do with a lot of different films. And this particular noir genre is a lot of fun, it feels like ‘Out Of Sight’ 2.0.

The film, which also stars Benicio del Toro, Jon Hamm, Amy Seimetz, Brendan Fraser, Frankie Shaw, Bill Duke, Julia Fox, Noah Jupe and Ray Liotta, takes place in 1954 Detroit where small-time criminals get hired for a heist that was set up to be doomed from the beginning.

“It’s just really fun to play make believe. Everybody was just really good,” Goodfellas’ Ray Liotta said. “There’s nothing more exhilarating than working with people that are committed to playing pretend with the story that they’re telling us to say and everybody was locked in. So Steven one of the smartest things he does is he always seem to cast it well.”

And just in case you also have an irrational fear of Ray Liotta because of how scary his characters appear in the films like me, his cast mate Frankie Shaw reassures us that he is nothing but a big teddy bear.

“I didn’t have any scenes with Don unfortunately, but Benicio was incredible and Ray obviously incredible. Like I was always kind of afraid of him because of Goodfellas and Blow but he’s actually the nicest really stand up good guy.”

No Sudden Moves debuts July 1st on HBO Max.

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