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Tahj Mowry Talks New Film ‘Welcome Matt’, Smart Guy Reboot And More



When you hear Tahj Mowry many would remember the big eared 10-year-old smarty pants that warmed our nostalgic hearts back in the late 90s. Well, Tahj is back and TJ is definitely all grown up in his new film ‘Welcome Matt.’

We caught up with the actor to chat about his new movie and to catch up on what’s new in his life.

“I had been looking for a role like this for a long time because everybody knows me from comedy stuff and everybody is used to me being funny all the time and like I love comedy it’s what I do but there’s a part of me that’s always wanted to showcase the dramatic side.”

‘Welcome Matt’ is based on Matt, a once respected writer/director who suffers from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that causes someone to fear leaving environments they know or consider to be safe. In Matt’s extreme case, a traumatic experience has him afraid of leaving his home forcing him to write and star in his latest feature film from home. When a major opportunity comes knocking which would require Matt to leave his apartment, he makes the decision to seek help from an in home therapist. The film also comes just in time to wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month.

“The character kind of stayed with me for a little bit afterwards too. I had to shake him off,” the actor said. “I can’t remember the first social activity after the film but I remember I had to force myself into doing it because I was so used to not doing anything. So it definitely stuck with me for a little bit but I was happy when I finally left him because it was a lot. But with saying that it was also very therapeutic as well.”

Tahj also spoke on the ‘Smartguy’ reboot and confirmed that it is indeed still happening. More good news is it seems like the entire original crew will be a part of it. Unfortunately, we may have to wait for some time as he also has dreams to direct his own horror film in the near future.

‘Welcome Matt’ is available in theaters and VOD today!



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