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Lakeith Stanfield Apologizes For Participation In Anti-Semitic Clubhouse Chatroom



If you didn’t know LaKeith Stanfield loves social media app Clubhouse. Unfortunately it seems to be getting him in some trouble these days.

Over the weekend the Oscar nominated actor issued a lengthy apology following his involvement in an anti-Semitic chatroom.

“I condemn hate speech and discriminatory views of every kind. I unconditionally apologize for what went on in that chat room, and for allowing my presence there to give a platform to hate speech,” LaKeith wrote in an apology posted to his Instagram account early Saturday morning.


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“I am not an anti-Semite nor do I condone any of the beliefs discussed in that chat room.”

The actor’s apology came after he was featured as a moderator in a Clubhouse room focusing on the teachings of controversial Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, when the conversation turned anti-Semitic. Stanfield, 29, claims he was made a moderator of the chat after the hosts noticed he was in the room listening.

“At some point during the dialogue the discussion took a very negative turn when several users made abhorrent anti-Semitic statements and at that point, I should have either shut down the discussion or removed myself from it entirely.”

Backlash over Stanfield’s attendance in the chat room arose after The Daily Beast released a damning report about what was allegedly discussed. Many other Clubhouse users who had listened to the conversation also spoke out, slamming the Oscar-nominated actor for allowing the room to stay live.

It is worth noting that the article clearly states Stanfield was not heard saying anything directly anti-Semitic during the conversation.

Still, Stanfield should take note how other Black celebrities making anti-Semitic comments in recent months, like Nick Cannon and Ice Cube, have received considerable backlash and even lost certain business opportunities.

This is also the second time in month Stanfield was trending because of his participation on Clubhouse. Earlier this year he had folks talking when he was an active participant in a Clubhouse session dedicated to men moaning.

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