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YIKES! DJ Mustard Alleges Stylist Stole $50k From Him To Flex For Instagram!




Well, this was stupid. DJ Mustard claims his “stylist” Karissa Walker stole multiple racks from him all for clout. The MC made the claims on his Insta-Story and even had receipts to back it up!

Mustard says he’s sharing his story in an effort to prevent Walker from securing more victims. In his message to his 2.6 million followers, the mega-producer started by @-ing Karissa and calling her a thief and a liar.

“Attention to all my people who know me I wanna bring something up everyones attention! @KarissaCWalker is a thief and a liar !!!! She is not my stylest she was a personal shopper for me and @ChanelDijon we let her use the stylest word so she could get business but the truth is she did nothing but shop !!! Today I found out that she ran my credit cards up over 50K buying stuff for her self !!!! Purses shoes shades and other stuff Im hot and I’m only writing this so nobody else deals with her she’s bad for business !!!! I have all the receipts to prove everything … I payed her more than she was worth cause I don’t play with taking care of people that do there jobs. This is f*cking crazy and just wrong !!!!”

Clearly, Mustard is pissed and has every right to be! He went on to post an alleged text message he received from Karissa in which she apologizes and claims, “my temptation ran to greed.”

Oh, bt it didn’t end there. Apparently, homegirl also went on a $15K shopping spree in Louis Vuitton on Mustard’s dime.

Apparently, Mustard had been paying Walker $6K a month totaling an annual salary of about $72K, but he believe she could have racked up close to $100k in goodies. He ended his rant by condemning Karissa’s clout chasing ways, but we have a feeling this isn’t over yet.

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