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Funkmaster Flex Calls Cardi B A “Terrible Rapper”




Whew! Funkmaster Flex is NOT here for Cardi B’s bars and made sure to let the world know by calling her a “terrible rapper.”

While a guest on the “Cigar Talk” podcast Flex made no apologies for his harsh criticism of the music superstar. “I do think Cardi B’s a terrible rapper, my ni**a. I just do, man,” the Hot 97 DJ stated.

Almost instantly, Funkmaster tried to soften the blow by adding in a few compliments. “She’s an amazing entertainer. I love her on social media. I love the way she talks about a subject. I like her whole swag. I like everything,” he revealed, before ending right where he began, “She’s a terrible rapper, man.”

Apparently, Flex thinks the bars are just bad, and even worse, he thinks Cardi didn’t even craft he own lyrics. “If somebody wrote it, those aren’t good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars,” he laughed.

Funkmaster Flex has been critical of many big name rappers over the years, but is he right this time … or just full of hate? Many think it’s the latter…

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