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Chet Hanks Shoots His Shot At Lizzo



While Lizzo has set her sights on “Avengers” star Chris Evans, Chet Hanks has his eyes on the “Truth Hurts” singer.

Earlier this week, Lizzo revealed that she slid in Chris Evans’ DMs while she was drunk.

She said in the video she doesn’t think there’s a chance they’ll actually get married, but now the son of Tom Hanks is shooting his shot with her.

He told her on in his Instagram stories: “if it don’t work out w captain America I’m here baby WBS BQS”

In case you missed it, “WBS” stands for White Boy Summer, which Chet declared was going down this summer and then released a song with the same name.


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“BQS” stands for Black Queen Summer which he’s also a big fan of.

Before he goes and tries to bag Lizzo, Chet should first sort out his issues with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. Parker is suing Chet for $1 million and alleges he physically assaulted her throughout their relationship. A video recently surfaced from an altercation they had back in January.

Meanwhile Lizzo has yet to respond … she’s having a naked girl spring if you haven’t noticed.

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