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Twitter Roasts Typhoid Trey Songz For Spitting In Two Women’s Mouth



We hate to say it but … Someone is going to get COVID from Trigggaaaaaaa!

In case you missed it, a now viral video of the R&B crooner spitting in two women’s mouth has hit the net. In the visual a shirtless Trey is seen standing over the two women with their tongues out kneeling beneath him.

This video comes after another visual recently leaked of Trey allegedly being orally pleasured by a woman.  We don’t know what’s going on with Trey these days but here we are. Apparently this video from a set from something he’s planning on dropping soon. We hope to his Only Fans account.

Twitter of course let him have it, and is calling for his cancellation. Not only because of the NSFW antics, but also because we’re in the middle of a panini and he thinks sharing saliva is ok.

One user wrote, “There was a point in my life I used loooove tf outta Trey songz ass. Now I’m just…disgusted.”

Another said, “Trey Songz has dark energy. Something ain’t right,” while another said, ” I know I did not see a video of Trey songz mama birding to grown ass women.”

The irony here is that Trigga himself caught the Coronavirus back in October of last year. He even gave lip service to not being like then President Trump and taking the pandemic seriously. He must think it’s all over, or he’s just a freak.

Either way keep it off the internet please. Thanks … management!


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