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Married At First Sight: Chris Williams Reveals Ex-Fiance Had A Miscarriage



We’ve got more shocking news to report regarding Married At First Sight star Chris Williams. The 27-year-old Atlanta entrepreneur has just revealed his former fiancé, Mercedes Myrick, suffered a miscarriage.

On Sunday, Williams shared a photo of a hospital bracelet with his exes named and date of birth partially blacked out. In the caption he shared that last October she was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains. He said initially he couldn’t be with her because of the coronavirus pandemic but was later told by hospital staff that she had suffered a miscarriage.

“I had never been through this before so I didn’t know what feelings were normal and what was abnormal all I know is it felt like a funeral,” he wrote. “We were devastated. That a baby that made a grand entrance this big in my life now has made a grand exit! I instantly hated this for Mercedes as she had already been through a lot but she demonstrated the strength and fortitude to get through this.”

“I wrestled with posting this, but this is real life,” he added. “Little Nugget I hate that I will never meet you, but I will always love you!”

If you’ve been watching season 12 then you know Williams dropped a bomb on his new wife Paige when he revealed on their honeymoon that Myrick was 6 weeks pregnant. This was after he already told her he wasn’t attracted to her and broke down in tears.

Last week the world got to meet Mercedes when she sat down with Paige to “clear the air”. In an interesting plot twist she said she had no desire to get back with Chris despite what he told Paige and Pastor Cal.

After all of that, we’re told there is still more drama to come for Paige and Chris as they try and work on their marriage. Rumor has it, Mercedes is also still in the picture.

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