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Did Saweetie & Quavo Break Up? Twitter Thinks So And The Response Is Hilarious!




Saweetie and Quavo have been #CoupleGoals for their fans since the two made it official over two years ago. But now, rumor has it that the pair may have gone their separate ways and folks are trying to figure out how they should shoot their shot.

The Icy Girl and the Glacier Boy are known for their IG-worthy relationship — they hit the red carpets, post the cutest pics, and their fans just eat it up. But, it’s also on IG where those fans noticed that Saweetie is no longer following her Migos rapping boyfriend. Soon after, he stopped following her as well.

Now Twitter timelines are flooded with folks thinking this may be their only opportunity to get with either of the (possibly) single music stars.

So, what could have cause the break up between Saweetie and Quavo? Some folks think it’s this interview she did on #RespectfullyJustin where she states that she be down with a threesome and would even let her dude pick the other DUDE that would be involved!

What do you think — was this the deal breaker for Q?

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