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Lizzo Defends Her 10-Day Detox




Lizzo brings nothing but love and light to the world — and in return? She gets fools commenting on her body and health choices at every turn. This time, the internet idiots decided to give the singer a hard time about doing a detox … A freaking DETOX!

Lizzo has always been a body-positive force to be reckoned with. She’s provided many of her fans with the inspiration they need to feel good about their bodies, no matter the size. And although the “Good As Hell” singer loves the skin she’s in, she’s also a work in progress — which for some reason makes folks mad.

Recently, Liz embarked on a 10-day smoothie detox. The program had a host of benefits, but detractors could only focus on what they thought was a sign that their leader was turning her back on her legions of thick fans, in favor of slimmer waistline…

Luckily, the hate was drowned out by the love. Lizzo’s true fans applauded the 32-year-old for putting her health first — in whatever capacity that looks like.

Lizzo then took to Instagram to give peeps the full picture of what her program entailed. The detox, while it may have had weight loss benefits, was actually used to get the singer’s health back in order after a stressful November.

Kudos to Lizzo!

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