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Leslie Jones Lets Trump Have It In F-bomb Rant!




Leslie Jones is all of us — screaming at the TV, in sheer disbelief, over the ignorance of Donald Trump. The comedians recent commentary of the commander-in-chief has gone viral as folks applaud her f-bombed filled rant.

As he has consistently done since it was announced that Joe Biden was the President-elect, Trump fueled the insanely inaccurate belief that the election was rigged. This time though, he did it was a line graph that he could barely read — and that sent Jones over the edge.

“You know how sad you look you stupid, f–king child,” Leslie exclaimed while her camera pointed at a television airing The Donald’s latest disaster. “You up here with a chart that you can’t even read … you f–king moron.” The Supermarket Sweep host continued, “I can’t believe anybody that’s a fan of me can’t look at this stupid mother f–ker and not be f–king embarrassed.”

Leslie’s minute-long, expletive-laden, shade-filled take down of Trump was cheered on by fans up and down the Twitter timelines…

Clearly, Jones was spot on in her analysis of Trump and his BS, but this isn’t the first time she’s had a scream at the TV tirade. Just check out her IG page @LesDogggg … it’s full of gems!

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