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Jeremih Details Near Fatal COVID Battle: “I Was Really Down Bad!”



When news broke that Jeremih was in the ICU battling COVID-19 fans were in shock. Thankfully, the singer has since recovered, but now he’s sharing his story on Sway in the Morning and the details are even more horrific than anyone imagined.

It was just a week ago when Jeremih returned to IG and gave fans a glimpse at his recovery captioning the photo, “THANK GOD IM STILL HERE, THANK YA’LL FOR THE (Prayer Emoji) UP #imbackkkk.”

But, his triumphant road to recovery is nothing short of a testimony. The “Down On Me” singer revealed that his condition got so bad that he was completely out of it.

“I had a tube down my throat for about a week and a half. I was really like in a dream, and I ain’t gone lie, I woke up like two times and all I remember seeing is a white light.”

He also developed other issues that made his situation go from bad to worse.

“What ended up happening, and I don’t mind sharinng this, cuz now, you know, I’m here, but it was called a multiple inflammatory syndrome, MIS, which is a rare cause and effect of COVID. My whole insides, all my oragns became inflammed … my heart went out … my kidneys went out … my liver started to fail and go bad.”

And when Jeremih was finally transferred out of ICU, he still had a long journey ahead.

“Once I was removed from ICU after that week and a half I was going through recovery where I had to learn how to walk again, eat, all that stuff. Mind you, I’ve never been to a hospital in my entire life — not for a broken bone, not for nothing. So just to be in there I look at it as a blessing. As crazy as it might sound, I needed to sit down. I needed to take a break.”

Jeremih’s scary journey began on November 5th when the 33-year-old R&B artist was admitted to the hospital due to COVID. As his condition continued to progress, he was admitted to the ICU of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and stayed until November 22nd, when he was finally able to transfer out to a regular room to continue healing. Now, he is home with his mother where he’ll be staying for the remainder of the year.

We’re just happy to hear that he is now OK. Thank God!

You can here Jeremih’s full interview on Sway in the Morning below:

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