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Cari Champion & Jemele Hill Catch Hell For Asking “Is It Racist To Knock A Black Man Out?”




Cari Champion and Jemele Hill often take a boundary-pushing, no holds barred approach to their commentary on their Vice show, Cari & Jemele (Won’t) Stick To Sports. And while most times their unapologetic approach is met with hand claps and praise hands, this time folks think they may have gone too far.

In the last few years, the two women have really cemented themselves as much more than sports journalist. Their active voices in social justice and beyond are the reason many appreciate their candor … but with that comes controversy. This time, it’s an off-color question aimed at Youtuber Jake Paul who recently KO’d NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match.

Just as Jake called it a shi!!y question, many on Twitter felt it was cringe-worthy to say the least — and flat out ignorant to say the most.

However, there were some who felt it was said in jest and that folks couldn’t take the obvious joke.

So, do you think it was a joke or real? Well, for those who aren’t sure, how about a little context! Cari and Jemele both tweeted the FULL interview showing that the comment had been blown out of proportion and that they knew exactly what they were doing — trolling a troll!

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