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Mo’Nique Is STILL Demanding An Apology From Tyler Perry




It has been about a decade since Mo’Nique feels she was wronged by Tyler Perry. But, the actress is still pushing for the apology she believes she deserves.

Clearly, Mo’Nique was in her feelings watching Will Smith and Janet Hubert repair their fractured relationship after almost 30 years of discord. The actress posted the Fresh Prince reunion on her Instagram page and noted that a similar meeting of the minds could occur with her and Tyler, if he would only own up to the BS he put her through. She then posted audio receipts of Perry admitting Mo was in the right all along.

The feud began when Mo starred in the 2009 hit film Precious. Things seemed all good on the surface but, what we all learned later was that things turned sour when the film’s producers, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels, essentially asked Mo’Nique to travel and promote the film overseas for free. It wasn’t in her contract and Mo said no. She claims she was then labeled “difficult” to work with and her reputation in Hollywood was shot … much like Janet Hubert. Since then the comedienne has challenged the trio by sharing her story, calling them out, and even telling them to suck her d!ck.

When we chatted with Mo, she opened up about why it was important for her to hold them to the fire and demand accountability. She also had a suggestion for how they could all move forward … a Super Soul Sunday on OWN.

Do you think Mo’Nique will ever get the apology she is looking for? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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