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Who Knew?! Folks On Twitter Are Wildin’ Over Tyga And His Peen Pic




Apparently, peeps are checking for Tyga and the picture of his peen that “accidentally” ended up on the ‘Net. We are thoroughly confused, but alas, it’s 2020.

T-Raww, as he likes to call himself, was trending on Twitter over the weekend due to his nudes being leaked. Now, we use the term leaked very loosely, mainly because it’s highly likely Tyga dropped the peen pics himself. Why, you ask? This is why.

The “Taste” rapper has been promoting his OnlyFans account heavily before, and now after, the d**k pic “leak.” Ladies on Twitter noticed the convenient timing of it all, but it seems like they don’t care…

If you’re that eager for Tyga’s thirst traps you can subscribe to his OnlyFans page for 20 bucks a month.

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