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Tweet Learned A Very Valuable Lesson From Dating Jamal Bryant…




Tweet is back with new music — let our ears rejoice! It’s been three years since the self-professed southern hummingbird dropped her last project, and now she’s ready to give fans something fresh with her new single “Neva Felt This Way.”

The song is classic Tweet … with a twist. The singer touts this one as, “one of her most personal songs to date” with lyrics painting the picture of a relationship where undying love and happiness has transpired.

Yes, the sultry songstress is in love and is loving every minute of it — but DON’T expect to see her putting her new guy on full display. Recently, we caught up with Tweet to talk about the inspiration for her new music, and of course, we wanted all the deets on her new man. But, she was quick to remind us, she’s been there, done that, and is never doing it again.

You may remember, Tweet’s last relationship was on full display for all to see. In 2016 the singer and Pastor Jamal Bryant made it official when she appeared as a guest on his talk show “The Preachers”. At the time, Jamal referred to Tweet as his “Last Lady”, but the relationship ended about a year later.

Bryant has now reconciled with his wife, Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant. Tweet says she’s happy for him, but will never be that public with a relationship again!

We’re happy to see Tweet happy! Make sure you get her new single “Neva Felt This Way” and be on the look out for a new album coming soon!

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