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Ice Cube Gets Grilled About CWBA Exclusion Of Black Women



Ice Cube’s popularity with Black folks is continuing to melt.

Despite clarifying his relationship with the Trump administration on CNN and explaining that he reached out to both the Democrats and Republicans about his Contract With Black America, he’s still been met with a lot of criticism.

Comedian D.L. Hughley lit into Cube on his podcast over the weekend.

On Monday Cube clapped back giving Hughley the middle finger emoji in a post on Twitter. He also had this to say about his detractors.

Then on Monday Cube appeared on “Cocktails with Queens” hosted by Claudia Jordan to discuss his CWBA and working with whomever is in power.

“I’m not here to fight about what [Trump] did do and what he didn’t do. Is he a good white man, is he a bad white man. To me they pretty much all the same,” Ice Cube said during the conversation with Jordan, Syleena Johnson, Vivica A. Fox and LisaRaye.

The ladies seemed to applaud Cube’s efforts but did take him to task over the documents exclusion of Black women. His response: “When you mention black people, you mentioning black women so don’t count yourself out.”

When Johnson responded, no that’s not true, Cube suggested they could write a section for black women to be added to the contract. “I’m open to y’all write a section,” he said.

Jordan then said it’s not fair they have to write it when Cube is the one meeting with Trump officials, he then said he’d write up the black woman’s part of the contract.

“How many words ya’ll want it to be? he questioned. “You guys are the experts but again, you just want to talk, nobody wants to help me, but ya’ll the experts on Black women.”

Jordan concluded the interview letting the rap veteran know there are no hard feelings and she’d like him to return to continue the conversation.

As previously reported Cube has been pushing his CWBA since July and doing a slew of interviews.

The 22-page document calls for  “a complete paradigm shift in how we run our institutions and operate our country,” and extensively outlined provisions that would combat racial inequality across several areas, including education, legislation, and police reform.

The response was initially positive, until Trump senior advisor Katrina Pierson tweeted a message thanking Cube for his willingness to work with the MAGA team.

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