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Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Shares Devastating Details From Night Of Shooting




Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, is opening up about the tragic night his girlfriend was killed while they were in her own home. In his first ever television interview, Walker sat-down with CBS This Morning’s anchor, Gayle King, and relived the moments he said changed his life forever.

To Walker, Breonna was more than a girlfriend, she was his best friend. But, all that changed on March 13th when Louisville, Kentucky officers executed a no-knock warrant and shot and killed Taylor. Kenneth has always maintained that the officers never announced themselves telling King, “I am million percent sure.” He also stated that he nor Breonna had a reason to not open the door for the police — a fact that has been proven since neither of them had criminal records and nothing linking them to criminal behavior was found in the apartment.

Kenneth also revealed that once the apartment door flew of the hinges he fired one warning shot to scare off what he thought was a potential robber. That’s when a barrage of bullets was returned in his direction — Walker likened the moment to being in a war zone. 32 shots were fired by police … 5 struck Breonna.

In the midst of the horrific scene, Walker states he still didn’t know what was happening. After calling his mom, he called the police — something he said he wouldn’t have done had he known the police were the ones who had shot at them.

In the interview Kenneth also details how the police treated him immediately following the incident versus how they switched up their attitudes once he arrived at the station — watch the full sit-down below.

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