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Vince Herbert Allegedly Threatens David Adefeso, Goes Off In Leaked Text Messages



Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Vincent Herbert has entered the chat ya’ll.

In an interesting turn of events Tamar’s now ex-boyfriend David Adefeso has not only claimed Tamar attacked him, he’s also claiming her ex-husband threatened to send goons after him. Adefeso made that known in his recent filing for a restraining order against Tamar and included text messages to him from Herbert.

According to TMZ, the Nigerian businessman was granted the order of protection to prevent “domestic violence” following a heated altercation between he and Braxton. Adefeso claimed Tamar punched him in the neck while he was driving her to check into a mental health facility for treatment. Once he pulled over he says Tamar became enraged and broke his rearview mirrors and cameras in his Rolls-Royce.

Braxton has responded claiming Adefeso was the aggressor threatening not only her life but his own, saying they were going to end up in a “murder-suicide.”

In the text exchange between Vince and Adefeso, it’s clear Vince is not happy with what transpired and he’s definitely got Tamar’s back. It also appears Tamar let him hear the audio from their altercation which David claims Tamar also sent to his family members.

“We are not friends and and we will never be after hearing how you treated Tamar on Sunday,” Vince said. “My conversation with you yesterday was respectful and honest and you never mentioned what you said to her, how you threatened her, then called the police on her as if it wasn’t you on the tape that I heard threatening to kill Logan’s mother.”

Based on the exchange it appears Vince is also helping Tamar retrieve her things from Adefeso’s home and tells Adefeso he is never to reach out to their 7-year-old son Logan ever again.

“After I make sure Tamar and Logan’s belongings are cleared out of your home, there is no need to contact you, nor for you to never contact Logan,” the messages continues. “I trust that you will have her watch that’s in your car, various boxes in Logan’s room, and everything else packed neatly so we can have this done privately and quickly.”

As previously reported, the drama all got started after Adefeso posted a video on social of he and Logan hanging out. Braxton reportedly confronted Adefeso about the post and told him he was “around for the wrong reasons and could not be trusted.”

We’re told Tamar is no longer staying at the Ritz Carlton Residences with Adefeso and is now with family.

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