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Oop … Mase Hits Kanye With The Perfect Clapback!




Recently, Kanye West has been directing his energy towards exposing the music industry, but former rapper Mase is telling ‘Ye he should have had that same energy when it came to him.

In the 90s Mase was on top of the music scene as Bad Boy Records biggest artist. But by ’99 the Harlem World rapper retired in order to pursue his calling from God and become a minister. And while Mase has popped up over the years, has maintained his ministry and overall disdain with the music industry’s shady practices. And that’s where Kanye comes in…

Over the last few days Yeezy has been on a Twitter tirade, peeing on his Grammy and calling this music business “modern day slavery.” But, in an Instagram post, Mase is mocking Mr. West for his hypocrisy. In case you forgot, in ‘Ye’s song “Devil In A New Dress” he states, “Don’t leave while your hot / that’s how Mase screwed up.”

Welp, Mase didn’t forget…

Do you think Kanye will actually apologize?

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