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John David Washington Is Single — And Here’s How You Can Be The Lucky Girl To Get His Attention!




John David Washington is Hollywood’s latest heartthrob. The 36-year-old actor has it all — the looks, the personality, and the career. It’s the trifecta all ladies are looking for. And luckily Washington is single, ready to mingle, and revealing just how you can end up being his leading lady.

When we sat down with John David to chat about his latest film “Tenet” there were a myriad of question we wanted to ask, but chief amongst them was, ‘are you single, and if so, where can the ladies find you?!’ With a bit of a chuckle and the hint of blushing, Washington answered our forward question and gave the ladies living in southern California a little hope. “I’m definitely single,” the actor shared, “and you can find me driving up the PCH.” Now, PCH is the Pacific Coast Highway for you out-of-towners, and it’s hundreds of miles long. So, this info doesn’t really help all that much, but he did give us one more bit of info regarding his whereabouts in the interview below…

Aside from his love life, we did want to know about his role as The Protagonist in the new Christopher Nolan sci-fi “Tenet.” Washington admitted the role demanded a lot of physical strength, since he performed all his own stunts, but that his prior stint as a pro football player really helped him navigate the tough sequences.

What are you more excited about — seeing John David on PCH or on the big screen in “Tenet?”

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