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Fans Are Disgusted By Joe Budden’s Dog Fondling Admission




Joe Budden is a polarizing character. The podcast host often says inflammatory things that get his audience riled up. But his latest statement on how he pleasures his dog may be one step too far.

Tuesday night Twitter was a strange place to be. First it was the Odell Beckham story, then even Kat Stacks started trending (as a comparison to the Odell story), however, as the night went on Budden’s dog story began floating down timelines and immediately left people in shock

And, of course, folks on Twitter had a lot to say.

Others are focusing less on the bizarre dog fondling and more on the various accusations of domestic violence coming from Budden’s ex-girlfriends Cyn Santana and Tahiry Jose. According to them, Joe was verbally and physically abusive during their respective relationships.

Joe has denied the DV accusations and he also made a statement regarding his love of puppy penis.

Who do you believe?

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