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Why Damon Dash Defending Kanye West Could Be Problematic…




Damon Dash is just trying to be a good friend to Kanye West. However, good intentions don’t always result in good actions — and in this case, Dame may be doing more harm than good.

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder has been right by ‘Ye’s side in Wyoming while the rapper works on his new album in the midst of what many believe to be a manic episode. Most recently, the two were spotted at a local Walmart shopping for kids’ clothes. Dash has also posted pics on his IG with Kanye and their group of co-horts at the Wyoming recording studio where Yeezy has been holed up, typing away on Twitter and causing a stir.

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But, then Damon went on the record downplaying Kanye’s recent behavior and that’s where he may have done his friend a disservice:

“People think he lost his mind just because he cried,” Dash told PageSix. “The way he lost his mind and jumped on a jet and then jumped off the jet to come back to his 40,000-acre ranch? Yeah, I’d like to lose my mind like that.”

He added, “There’s definitely people around him that love him and he’s going to be all right. We are praying, we are working. People think like we are in an insane asylum [but] we got an album coming out.”

Oh, but Dame didn’t stop there. He went on to criticize those who are seemingly trying to help the rapper who openly admitted he battles Bi-polar Disorder. When asked about the Kardashian family and their concern for ‘Ye’s mental health he responded, “I don’t give a f–k about none of that. I see him — he’s cool. I don’t give a f–k what they say. He’s a little tired but he’s happy.”

He also said that West’s “productive” and “having fun.” “Why are you talking about [his mental health]? He’s in a big room with 40 different companies. Ideas development. It’s a laboratory going on over here. Just think of Willy Wonka.”

Dash added, “People watched the rally and think he’s crazy, but that’s how the average person thinks. Everyone that listens to him [who thinks] he’s crazy is not a billionaire. But some reason Elon Musk doesn’t think he’s crazy. I don’t think he’s crazy. Billionaires don’t think it’s crazy because he talks that billi talk. And most people don’t talk that talk. He speaks like the general to people that are generally soldiers.”

Categorizing Kanye’s recent issues as him just being “tired” or defining it as “billi talk” doesn’t get to the root issue at hand. Kanye can be brilliant AND bi-polar — both can be true at the same time. Being a billionaire doesn’t shield you from mental health issues. And for Dame to downplay the seriousness of what West is facing puts his friend in further harm.

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