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Stephen Bishop Says Voting For Kanye West Would Have Been ‘Catastrophic’



Actor Stephen Bishop has been very vocal about the importance of the Black vote in this year’s upcoming election. Unfortunately, Kanye West won’t be getting his vote.

The Chicago rapper was back on Twitter yesterday going off the rails last night. West alleged that he’s been trying to divorce Kim after she met with Meek Mill at the Waldorf. From the sound of it, he’s accusing his wife of having an affair with the Philly rapper… and that’s not all! He goes on to call his mother-in-law Kris Jenner “Kris Jung-Un” and a white supremacist.

Welp, this must’ve solidified why the ‘Coins For Love’ star is urging the youth to not vote for Kanye even with his endorsements from Elon Musk and Chance The Rapper. He warns that splitting the Black vote “would be suicide.”

“This man has no political experience what so ever,” Bishop said. “He’s been shown to fly off the handle and talk about things that he really isn’t that up to speed on and we’ve seen him do this type of thing several times where he says something completely outlandish right before he has a project coming out.”

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