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Robin Givens Wants No Parts Of Mike Tyson Biopic



Robin Givens is sharing her thoughts on the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic and to be expected she’s not excited about.

Givens has maintained that Tyson was physically abusive doing their brief marriage in 1988. She told Andy Cohen during an episode of his “Always Unpredictable” podcast that she doesn’t have fond memories from that time in her life and hopes the film doesn’t open old wounds.

“It’s a little, hm, I don’t want to say bothersome but it’s funny in life how you’re always kind of learning and growing and healing and that wasn’t like a fun ex for me,” she confessed. “I had a good friend of mine — we’ve been talking about this — I went and got the book that he wrote and I was reading it and there were so many things that are so not true that it’s hard not to feel deeply disturbed by it, you know what I mean?”

Wants No Parts Of The Biopic

While she said she hopes she’s “stronger” because of their time together, she said Tyson’s claims in his 2013 memoir have been “a little upsetting.” When Cohen asked whether she hopes she’s not in the movie at all she said, “Of course” — adding, “the absolute truth would be absolutely yes.”

“You know what term you hear a lot recently, ‘My truth,’ I hear that term. For me, I kind of believe truth is truth,” she continued. When Cohen said she should reach out to the film’s producers, she said she hoped the climate has changed enough when it comes to the abuse of women where that isn’t even necessary.

“The climate’s been changed, so you have the #MeToo movement and things that used to be acceptable to do to women or say about women, I don’t think are necessarily acceptable now,” she said.

Clears Up Gold Digger Claims

Givens also spoke with Bevy Smith for her “Bevelations” podcast where she was asked if she hopes she’ll at least be “treated kinder” in the biopic — after she was labeled a “gold digger” by Tyson’s supporters at the time of their divorce.

“How can I say no to that, of course yes,” she answered. “I think, in many respects, what happened to me gave me a voice — not only for myself, but for other women that were in my position.”

She went on to point out how well she was doing for herself before meeting Tyson, to contrast with the “gold digger” image.

“I was a young woman at the time, I was 22 years old. By the time I met my ex-husband, I had graduated from high school at 15, I was a Harvard grad, I had my own TV show, I had my own home. I don’t think a lot of 22 year olds can say that,” she said. “It’s amazing that when people do tell lies, it kind of takes away your truth and I think it’s very important not to let somebody do that. Not to let them rewrite history because you have a louder voice.”

Jamie Foxx Update On The Film

Jamie Foxx who is slated to play Tyson told Entertainment Weekly that the highs and lows of Tyson’s career will be highlighted as well as his marriage to Lakiha Spicer whom he has 3 children with.

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