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Chance The Rapper Endorsed Kanye For President?




Chance The Rapper is making a political statement — Kanye West would make a better president than Donald Trump or Joe Biden! Unfortunately, the comment has gotten him skewered on social media as folks vehemently disagree with him.

Chance has always been team Kanye. The two are like family and he was even there to support the rapper when he went all MAGA. And even though they don’t agree on everything, CTR seems to think that Yeezy is a better option for the Oval Office than the current front-runners. He made that abundantly clear after ‘Ye dropped a new song on Twitter Monday morning…

Of course, this tweet set off a firestorm of folks on his timeline condemning his endorsement…

But, Chance was undeterred. The “Coloring Book” rapper rebuffed and doubled down on his support, but also challenged his followers to reconsider what is “presidential”…

Does Chance have a point? We tried to understand the mind of a Kanye voter, but alas, we fell short.

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