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Cassie Shows Off 7-Month Snap Back: “I Didn’t Rush To Lose Weight”




Cassie is starting to feel like her old self again, but it was definitely a process to get there. The singer showed off her post-partum body for the first time and revealed she “struggled” with weight loss for a few months.

Cas and her hubby, Alex Fine, welcomed their daughter Frankie in December 2019. Now, seven months later, the singer says she is finally “Feeling really good.” In an Instagram story, Cassie showed off her svelte body, but not before posting a message to her fans. She revealed that even though she didn’t rush to lose the weight after having her first child, when she was finally ready it proved to be a struggle. Finally, she had to extend a little more grace to herself and little less stress.

Sporting a yellow bra and jeans, Cassie showcased her womanly curves and snatched stomach. Mama, still got it!

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