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WTH Is A ‘White Blessing’? Lecrae Gets Condemned For Co-Signing White Pastor’s Wild Comments




Lecrae just took a major ‘L’ and all it took was a simple head nod.

It all started with a sit-down chat between the Christian rapper, Pastor Louie Giglio, and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy. In what’s been touted as “an honest conversation about race and the Church,” Giglio attempted to rebrand “white privilege” as “white blessing” to make it more palatable to white people.

Now, of course, “white blessing” is trending on Twitter, with folks accurately pointing out the absurdity in Pastor Louie’s statement…

But, it wasn’t just the illogical ridiculousness of the phrase “white blessing” that had people in an uproar. It was Lecrae agreement, and later his complete adherence to the phrase, that had folks up in arms…

In Lecrae’s defense, the entire hour long conversation didn’t just focus on “white blessing”, the Grammy-winner also opened up about his own experience being profiled and chastised by police starting from a young age and continuing through adulthood. The discussion was meant to bring light to systemic racism and how the church can be allies in the fight against injustices. And Lecrae squarely put the onus of learning and being educated about Black experiences on white people.

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