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‘The Breakfast Club’ Slammed For Interviewing Russell Simmons



Fans are big mad at “The Breakfast Club” for interviewing accused rapist Russell Simmons.

While the radio show posted that they were sitting down with Simmons following the premier of HBO MAX documentary On the Record about his rape accusers, many felt he should not be given a platform and doing so silences the victims.

One of his accusers Sil Lai Abrahams also slammed the show and it’s the hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy.

“The biggest radio show in the Black community just gave a huge middle finger to Black women and survivors of sexual assault,” Abrams tweeted. “This is obscene @breakfastclubam. Why do you carry water for this man? Why now? Why are you so tone deaf? You’re all complicit in ensuring that black women’s right to bodily autonomy continues to be denied. You’re also rape apologists.”

Abrams claims Simmons raped her in 1994. Meanwhile, Simmons denied allegations of sexual assault and said he has not watched the documentary.

“I’m guilty—of having underwritten, supported, made soundtracks for, taken advantage of, and lived in a grossly unjust society,” he said. “I helped write the song ‘I’m a Ho’ with Whodini. … I made the movie ‘How to Be a Player’ and Bell Bill Bellamy played me. So I know what I’m guilty of, and I’ve been unconscious as a playboy, and today the title is appropriate of ‘womanizer,’ So I’m guilty of that. And you know, back then I thought it was a game … there were no black actresses that I didn’t date, and they’re my friends today.

So far 20 women have accused the Def Jam founder of sexual misconduct.

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