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#RIPQueen: Who Is Oluwatoyin Salau And Why You Should Say Her Name




If you don’t know the name Oluwatoyin Salau, you should. Known as Toyin, she was a Black Lives Matter activist fighting on the front lines for justice. And now, in a tragic turn of events, she’s in need of people for fight for her.

Her name is the topic trending on Twitter. Folks from across the nation are crying out for answers and remembering Toyin by posting #RIPQueen. Salau, went missing on June 6th. The 19-year-old was last seen in Tallahassee after speaking at a George Floyd rally. That same day, Toyin tweeted, in detail about being molested, and now the police department is being criticized for once again, not doing more to “protect and serve” Black women.

Over the weekend, the Tallahassee Police Department revealed that, in the course of a follow up investigation on a missing person case, they discovered two deceased bodies. Many have taken this information to indicate that Toyin is one of those bodies, although that has not been confirmed by TPD. There is also no information on who the second person is.

The cries on Twitter have been non-stop with people demanding justice for this young activist…

There is currently a relief fund in Salau’s name. Initially, the GoFundMe was set up to support Toyin, now the funds will “go to the family for expenses and assistance they need in the grieving process, via Toyin’s brother as the beneficiary of this fund.


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