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Jacquees Regrets Calling Himself King Of R&B? “I Lost Friends Over That!”




It was just a year an a half ago when Jacquees made a shocking statement claiming to be the “King of R&B” — but does he now regret saying it?

Folks across social media balked at the assertion that Jacquees was somehow at the top of the ranks after a few EPs and no number ones. It created a divisive dialogue in which Jacquees found himself in the middle of some heated debates. Old heads felt disrespected, youngin’s felt dismissed, and Jacquees felt … misunderstood? Yet, he doubled down (several times) and even named his sophomore project “The King of R&B”.

Now that some time has passed, and Jacquees’ list of accolades has grown, we asked the newly-minted BET Awards nominee if her regretted crowning himself so early in his career. His answer was surprising — while, “regret” isn’t the world he would use, he did say he had to overcome a lot of negativity after calling himself the “king”.

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