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Britney, Beyonce, Kim … Will The Real “Queen B” Please Stand Up?




It’s a debate for the ages — who do you recognize as the real Queen B? While Britney Spears seems to think it’s her, fans have quickly reminded the pop singer that Beyonce and Lil Kim may be the real owners of that crown.

The debated started when Spears hopped on Instagram to show her fans an “accurate” piece of artwork that encapsulates her Queen B status.

That’s all it took before a swarm of stingers came her way. Folks were instantly confused and let it be known on Twitter…

Then, of course, Beyonce’s fans, known as the BeyHive, had to let their voices be heard … LOUDLY!

And not to be outdone, Lil Kim’s fans also showed up to stan for their Queen.

But, it looks like the Internet has finally come to an amicable decision. There’s enough Queen crowns for everyone…


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