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Another Sad Wig Story: Darius McCrary As James Brown Has Fans Bewildered




We’ve been here before, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Bad wigs on Black men have become it’s on thing lately, with each one seemingly worst than the previous one — And this time is no different. Darius McCrary has been tapped to take on the role of James Brown in BET’s American Soul, but it’s the wig that may keep fans from enjoying the performance.

At best it’s a distraction, at worst it could keep viewers from tuning in.

Seeing the Godfather of Soul in a haphazard wig has sent Twitter into a spiral with fans demanding answers. And to make matters worse, they’ve taken to calling McCrary his character’s name from “Family Matters” and now Eddie Winslow is trending.

Darius now joins the ranks of these guys who also felt the weight of the world by wearing an unflattering wig…

Mehcad Brooks – A Fall From Grace

Roshon Fegan – The Bobby DeBarge Story

Corey Hawkins – The Walking Dead

Shemar Moore – Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Terrence Howard – Empire


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