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Kim Kardashian Gets Blasted For Calling Black Face Mask Nude




Another day, another Kardashian controversy — this time it’s Kim causing the ruckus with her Skims face masks.

Look, it’s only natural that Kimmie is trying to make a coin during a global pandemic — that’s expected from Kris Jenner’s daughter. However, what folks didn’t expect (or maybe they did) was for Kim to get it totally wrong while trying to service her Black audience. In an effort to make face masks fashionable, the Skims shape wear creator went with a nude line of coverings.

The “nude” seamless face masks come in sand, clay, sienna, cocoa, and … onyx. Yes, onyx as in black — not skin color Black, but black black.

Folks instantly took issue with Kim thinking a pitch black face mask on a Black model was somehow “nude”.

What do you think? Honest mistake or completely tone deaf? Also, if you want real nude face masks theres always other options…

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