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GTFOH: Jeopardy Contestant Mistakes Janet Jackson For Ariana Grande



Jeopardy Contestant Gets Roasted For Callig Janet Jackson Ariana Grande

A contestant on Jeopardy had folks screaming ‘Her name ain’t Ariana. It’s Jackson, Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty!’.

A contestant on the week nightly game show riled up Janet Jackson fans when he incorrectly answered a question on Wednesday night that included a live clip of her performing from the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

Contestant Alwin Hui, of Washington DC, thought he had a clue when Trebek read, “As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took ‘control’ & took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade.”

Then Trebek played a segment of the awards ceremony — with Janet Jackson reprising her legendary “Control” choreography 32 years after the song’s release.

But Alwin didn’t remember that. Instead, he asked, “Who is Ariana Grande?”

Luckily, after Trebek replied “no,” another contestant quickly chimed in with, “Who is Janet Jackson?”

We get that the ponytail may have thrown him off , but seriously bruh?! Unsurprisingly, the contestant has been at the receiving end of a lot of jokes on Twitter. Jackson fans had time and gave him a good dragging.


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