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Adele Is Serving Snatched Realness And Fans Are Shocked!




Adele looks great — sis is snatched! The “Hello” singer hopped on Instagram to send a thank you message for the “birthday love”, but all anyone can talk about is how much they love Adele’s new look!

The powerhouse performer is celebrating her 32nd birthday and decided to spend a moment of her day not only thanking her fans, but thanking first responders, as well, stating, “You are truly our angels.” And speaking of angels, Adele certainly looked like one in a little black dress, with full bell sleeves, and a waist that was barely noticeable.

Fans on Twitter definitely took notice of the singers slimmer figure

Now, it’s worth pointing out that sis has always been a snack — and she’s always been hella talented. But, some folks thought it was wrong to celebrate her recent weight loss…

However, is it wrong to acknowledge the hard work that goes into losing weight and doing so successfully? If Adele wanted to drop lbs, is it wrong to congratulate her on accomplishing her goal? Thick or thin … can’t we tell Adele she’s beautiful? What do you think?


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