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Why Zhuri James Is The Real Superstar In LeBron’s Household




She may only be 5-years-old, but Zhuri James is a superstar who steals the spotlight — even in a household where her dad is NBA champ LeBron James.

Zhuri is the youngest of the bunch — Bron Bron’s baby girl — but she has stunts hard than her dad, mom Savannah, and brothers Bronny and Bryce. Most recently she was trending on Twitter for hitting a split, before she hit the Toosie Slide, and absolutely destroying her fam bam in a Tik Tok.

She really commands all the attention …

But, that wasn’t the first time she ATE her entire family. Remember when she hit this epic woah?

Baby girl really out here killing it every time! Oh and don’t forget she has a whole YouTube channel, All Things Zhuri, as well — she’s a star on Tik Tok and in the kitchen.

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