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Somehow The NFL Draft Turned Into A MasterClass On Shading Girlfriends




NFL Draft day is a day filled with tons of emotions and excitement — one that these young men have been waiting for, for practically their whole lives. But, what happens when the biggest day of your life gets overshadowed by the love of your life…

This year’s draft day had to be done virtually, but for these guys it was no less life-changing. In seven rounds, with more than 30 picks per rounds, literally hundreds of lives change overnight. And it’s more than just the players that are affected, their families rejoice in the success, too — and sometimes even the girlfriends. Most years, even with the jubilant celebrations, the focus still stays firmly planted on the newly-minted NFL pro. However, this year, a couple of girlfriends stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

In the first round, with the 17th pick, the Dallas Cowboys snagged CeeDee Lamb from Oklahoma. However, this momentous occasion in his career will most likely also be remember as the day he shaded the ish out his girlfriend who attempted to take his phone.

In her defense, she claims she was trying to perform her girlfriend duties and help him out…

Also, in the first round, with the 29th pick the Tennessee Titans chose Isaiah Wilson from Georgia. The offensive tackle was obviously overcome with emotion upon hearing the news, but unfortunately the moment was stolen by his overzealous girlfriend who had to be hoisted from his lap and shooed away. The video is equally parts hilarious and utterly ridiculous. Karen — THIS ISN’T YOUR MOMENT!

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