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Move Over Megan … Alex Trebek Is The Real Savage!




Alek Trebek is a national treasure and everyone knows it. It’s one of the reasons the beloved “Jeopardy” host gets away with being a bit of a savage … and we absolutely love it!

Over his 36 years as a game show host, Trebek has had his fair share of snarky statements, witty jokes, and sarcastic comments. But his smooth demeanor and silver fox status gives him a pass that many others could only dream about. It doesn’t hurt that just last year we thought we might lose him to pancreatic cancer, but now that he’s better we’re inclined to appreciate him, and his savagery, even more. Case in point — this video here where he calls the contestant a flat to loser:

On one hand you’re like, ‘damnnnnnn Alex!’ But, on the other hand, you’re laughing uncontrollably and secretly agreeing with him. Well, many not so secretly since he trending on Twitter with support from thousands of fans…

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