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Gayle King Is ‘Bout That Life, Confronted 50 Cent Over Oprah Disrespect!




Gayle King goes hard. This has never been more evident than in her recent interviews where she fearlessly takes on the task at hand. Whether it’s challenging R. Kelly or asking Lisa Leslie the tough (and maybe inappropriate?) questions, we know King is going to get the job done. But who knew she’s been going knuck if you buck for about a decade now? Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, that’s who.

The two have had quite the history and the rapper is revealing that history in his new book, “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter”. In the pages, viewed by PageSix, Fiddy details a run in with King, at a 2009 Bette Midler charity event, where she confronted him on his mess.


“Gayle is the real deal — a very sophisticated, secure, and smart lady. She’s never afraid of a situation … so she marched right up to me and basically said, ‘Why you talkin’ s–t about my girl?’” he recalls.

Gayle was referring to Jackson’s infamous comments about Oprah Winfrey stating, “Oprah’s audience is my audience’s parents, so I could care less about Oprah or her show.”

Fiddy told King he assumed Winfrey didn’t like him because he’d heard her criticize his brand of hip-hop as violent and misogynistic — and he figured he may as well get some press for taking digs at her publicly. He writes that he often uses faux beefs with celebs as a “strategy” to make people talk about him. “Listen, I’d love to be Oprah’s friend,” he said he told King. “But if we can’t be friends, could we at least be enemies?”

50, Gayle, and Oprah buried the hatchet when the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” rapper appeared “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in 2012. But, ish hit the fan again recently when Curtis criticized King and Winfrey for their “attacks’ on famous Black men.

“Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter” will be available April 28th.

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