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Wait … Should We Be Scared Of Coronavirus II Now?!




Most folks are still reeling from the effects of COVID-19 aka Coronavirus, but now Coronavirus II is trending and Twitter is losing its mind!

Dat Rona has made us stock up on canned goods, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and more. But, that hasn’t been enough. Travel has been restricted, schools have closed, and even churches went online for Sunday service. But still, that hasn’t been enough. Now, many major cities have shut down restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, and more. And hopefully, that will be enough to contain the spread of the novel virus, but as of Monday morning it looks like the original coronavirus has produced a (very unwanted) sequel…

But, here’s the real reason it’s trending. Thanks to “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” people think that Rona part II is a real thing. Thankfully, it’s not. It’s actually just the second episode on Coronavirus that he’s done. That’s it folks — no need to panic, there’s no real Coronavirus the sequel.

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