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The Real Story Behind That Nia Long Viral Video



Nia Long Escalator Walk Video

By now we’re sure you’ve seen that viral video of Nia Long throwing up the deuces as she walks towards an escalator. Folks on Twitter were equal parts shocked at how fab she looks at 49, but also concerned that she was about to take a tumble.

Hiphollywood caught up with the gorgeous actress at the world premiere of her new film The Banker and she told us she was definitely not about to fall.

“What’s funny is I was not going to walk and fall down the escalator number one, I saw the escalator,” she said with a big smile. “But the funniest thing is my hairstylist was just being silly because I am silly and a lot of people don’t know that.”

Long, who plays Eunice Garrett in the Apple TV Plus film about California banking legends and real estate tycoons Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson) says she couldn’t believe the moment went viral.

“Next thing I know my son is like mom Lil Duval did a whole thing on your post and I’m like ‘Oh my God’ social media is crazy, any little thing can just change a moment.”

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The Banker tells the heroic story of two men who changed the country, with their genius scheme. Garrett and Morris who were both wealthy men, hired a white man to front their company while they posed as his chauffeur and janitor. Behind the scenes they called the shots and eventually were able to pull off amazing real estate deals that would normally never have been made available to a black man during the Jim Crow era. While heartbreaking in the end this story will also warm your heart and expose you to two hidden figures who never really got their due. The Banker hits theaters Friday March 6 and is available after that on Apple Tv+.

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