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Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift Reignite Their Beef — See Who Social Media Is Siding With!




It is 2020 and we are STILL talking about this stupid beef between Kim Kardashian/Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Whew Chile, the ghetto.

The 2016 beef was reignited when the full video of Kanye and Taylor’s conversation, regarding his song “Famous”, was leaked. In the clip, Mr. West tells Swift about the line,”For all my Southside ni**as that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” However, he omits the follow up line which sparked the beef, “Why? I made that b!tch famous.”

Swifties — Taylor’s diehard fanbase — feels this gives the singer complete exoneration and proves she never lied about not approving Kanye calling her a b!tch. And, to that end, the fans immediately got #KimKardashianIsOver and #KanyeWestIsOver trending on Twitter.

Kimmie quickly got wind of the cancellation attempt and went on a Twitter tirade in defense of her and Yeezy’s actions … while still acknowledging this whole situation is trivial and tired.

Now, to this point, Taylor’s publicist issued this statement…

However, KK continued…

Tay Tay took to IG and instead of issuing another clapback, she directed people to donate to help the COVID-19 crisis by linking to Feeding America and World Health Organization.

Y’all. Why is this even a thing. Literally, everyone is over it and it’s just sad for both parties involved. But, do you think this will be the thing that finally “cancels” Kim and Kanye?

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