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RHOA: Kandi Burruss Says More Fighting Ahead During Greece Trip



If you thought Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was crazy, wait until next week. Kandi Burruss spilled some tea about episodes to come on her Youtube series Speak On It.

If you saw Sunday’s episode then you know Nene and Kenya almost come to blows during the girls trip to Greece. Like literally. Before the “To Be Continued” pops up on the screen the two women can be seen jumping up with fists in the air as the other women step in between.

As previously reported Moore claims Leakes spit on her during the altercation. Leakes however said during an interview on The Breakfast Club that she didn’t spit but made the spitting gesture. Next week, according to Burruss the world will finally see what actually happened.

Kandi says the episode will resume where it left off — with Nene and Kenya’s fight.

“Next week’s episode is going to start off with the drama that ended here, which got worse,” she explained. “That wasn’t even all the drama. There’s still more drama. Can you believe there’s more to this Greece trip after what you’ve seen tonight?”

During an episode of  “the Real Housewives of Atlanta Aftershow” Nene and Marlo also discuss the Greece trip. Apparently Marlo and Kenya also get into … whew Chile. Leakes also explains (at the 7:00 min mark) why she went off on Kenya during the “Ruins Party”.

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