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Blac Chyna Calls DCFS On Rob Kardashian After Daughter Suffers Severe Burns



Blac Chyna Calls DCFS On Rob Kardashian

Even the coronavirus can’t stop the drama between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Blac is having the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) investigate her baby daddy after their daughter Dream suffered serious burns TWICE in while in his care.

The three-year-old allegedly received a first-degree burn on her leg at the end of February according to Page Six reports.

“Rob admitted that Dream had received the severe burn at his home and promised it would never happen again,” Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, said in a statement to the site. “Chyna immediately sought out and obtained appropriate medical treatment for Dream’s burn.”

Dream Gets Burned Again

The former couple’s daughter then allegedly sustained another burn on Saturday, March 21, after visiting with the reclusive reality star.

“… Chyna was shocked and extremely upset to discover that Dream had suffered a second severe burn very near the first burn on her leg,” the statement continued. “When Chyna reached out to Rob to find out what had happened to their daughter, Rob initially lied to Chyna and denied that Dream’s second burn happened at his home.”

According to Chyna’s attorney, 33-year-old Rob had his then-nanny text Chyna and admit that Dream had received the second burn from a lightbulb.

“Chyna again sought medical care for Dream and learned that the most recent burn on her leg was a second-degree burn,” the statement read, noting it was at that point that Chyna contacted DCFS and the police “to request an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dream’s second-degree burn.”

Rob Fires The Nanny

The nanny in question since has been removed from her position at Rob’s house.

“While that development is a good start, Chyna will do everything within her power to ensure Dream’s safety during her visitations with her father,” continued Ciani’s statement, noting Chyna will now have to approve the new nanny Rob hires.

“Chyna still wants her daughter to be allowed visitations with her father. However, she also of course wants to ensure that Dream is never burned again (or injured by other neglectful conduct) while visiting her father,” the statement concluded.

Rob’s Attorney Responds

In response, Rob’s attorney, Marty Singer, told Page Six that “the health, safety and well-being of Dream is and has always been Rob’s top priority” and explained that the former E! star’s current nanny of the last two years is leaving her job “at-will” because of her high-risk pregnancy and admitted that “unfortunately Dream has had two accidents in the last month while with this nanny.”

“Rob treated Dream appropriately and Chyna was informed. Following an investigation by the DCFS and the police in which Rob fully cooperated, he has every reason to believe that there will be no findings of any safety issues in his home,” Singer’s statement continued.

Rob Thinks Chyna Is A Bad Parent

Singer also made sure to throw some shade at Chyna’s parenting, noting that “third parties” have called on DCFS to visit the Lashed salon owner’s home over Dream.

“… Within the last month, Dream has arrived to Rob from Chyna with many unexplained injuries including rashes, cuts, bruises and a dislocated arm,” the statement continued. “Just this past Saturday while Chyna was claiming that she was so concerned about Dream’s safety, Chyna posted a video on Instagram depicting 3-year-old Dream on her 7-year-old brother’s back while he was jumping on a trampoline.”


Heated Custody Battle

This is the latest in Rob and Chyna’s heated custody battle. In late February, a judge blocked an emergency motion from Rob that would allow Chyna to see Dream only during weekend visits with a monitor present. He claimed his ex’s alleged drug use made her a risk to Dream.

Rob and Chyna were set to appear in court on March 24, but the date was postponed because of COVID-19.

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