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Watch: Surveillance Video Shows Lori Harvey Fighting Off Carjackers



Lori Harvey may have poor taste in men, but sis can throw them hands.

Last week it was reported that Steve Harvey’s step-daughter was the victim of an attempted carjacking in Atlanta.  Lori walked away uninjured and most importantly still in possession of her Rolls Royce Cullinan truck. Now surveillance video has surfaced showing Harvey not only fought off her attackers but cleverly outsmarted them.

TMZ got their hands on the footage from the incident. In the clip you can see Lori back her Rolls Royce truck into a parking stall before hopping out to get some things out of her trunk. That’s when one man jumps in her driver seat and attempts to pull off. Making a split-second decision, Lori decided to risk it all and attack the man, throwing some punches before quickly grabbing her key fob and walking away calmly.

According to Harvey, the robbers only walked away with a duffle bag full of her clothes. But things could have turned out drastically different. We all know the model hasn’t had the best of luck with automobiles as of late. She was just charged in the hit-and-run situation she was involved in back in October.

Unfazed by her recent string of bad luck, she showed off her brand new digs on Instagram. The 23-year-old just purchased a new home in Beverly Hills.  Life is good …indeed!


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