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Cookie Lady Claims: Kenya Moore Says Tanya Sam Really Started The Shade!



Kenya Moore and Tanya Smith have been going toe-to-toe on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta! And while many fans believe Moore has been the shady one, the former beauty pageant queen said she’s not the queen of shade (in this instance).

You’re probably well aware of the whole “cookie lady” debacle by now. It all started with a woman (who sells cookies) who claimed Smith’s fiancé was getting frisky with her while out on the town one night. Kenya, aware of this news, poised the question to the group, ‘would you want to know if your man was cheating?’ And that’s where things get crazy

Some folks took that question as they initial start of the shade, which, in turn, had Tanya telling the world that Kenya wears wigs. However, Ms. Moore (or Mrs. Daly) says she wasn’t been shady by her line of questioning and that Tanya’s actions were deliberate and deceitful.

This back and forth has been ongoing for weeks now with RHOA fans seemingly taking Smith’s side. The cookie lady has practically flip/flopped on her story and Tanya has smoothed things over with her man Paul, however, Kenya still feels that Smith’s action were out of line, but not her own.

So, whose side are you one — Kenya Moore or Tanya Smith?!

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