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Reese Witherspoon Asked Jay Z & Beyonce To Share That Booze They Snuck In The Golden Globes



What do you do when Jay Z and Beyonce bring an expensive ass bottle of champagne to the Golden Globes? You ask for a glass of course.

At least that’s what Reese Witherspoon did. According to her pal Jennifer Aniston, Witherspoon asked Beyonce if she didn’t mind sharing some of the Champagne she and Jay Z brought (snuck in) the globes.

We know it’s tacky AF that the duo even brought their own bubbly, but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

On Monday after the awards show Aniston posted a photo on her Instagram Story and explained how they scored the champagne from the Queen Bey.

“Reese!? This is one of the many reasons I love you,” she wrote over a selfie of them. “We ran out of water at our table. So naturally, she asked Jay Z and Beyoncé for a glass of their champagne.” Aniston then shared an Instagram Story of herself drinking it and tagged Beyoncé’s account.


This is why we also LOVE Reese. Now back to Bey and Jay. Not only did they arrive mad late they also decided to bring their own liquor. Per the photo below you can see Bey’s bodyguard Julius holding two bottles of Ace of Spades behind his back.


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Jay Z and Beyoncé bought their own bottles to the #GoldenGlobes peep Julius sneaking them in. Lol rep your brand.

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Later you then see Jay toasting with some of the folks at his table.


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#PressPlay: #Beyonce’s face though 😂 #GoldenGlobes2020 #CaptionThis

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If you know anything about Jay you know he has a stake in Armand De Brignac Champagne (aka Ace Of Spades). If you’re a Jay fan you also know he fell out with the owners of Cristal after they made a racist remark about rappers drinking their product. After that Hov released a statement saying he would never drink or promote Cristal again. Oh and then he rapped about it in the song “On To The Next One”:

I used to drink Cristal, them motherfuckers racist
So I switched gold bottles on to that Spade shit

We guess he doesn’t do Moet Chandon either. The brand is a major sponsor of the Golden Globes and have been for years. So much the logo is plastered all over the red carpet and the stars drink it during the show.

We get Jay Z wants to be loyal to his brand, but it doesn’t excuse (in our opinion) him bringing in his own booze to the show. But we do think its super hilarious Witherspoon asked for a glass. We would have too!

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