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Karamo Brown: It’s Time To Cancel The Cancel Culture!



The cancel culture is a pervasive beast that looks the end the career of anyone who seemingly steps out of line or says the wrong thing. And while certain viewpoints and ideologies should to be supported or shared, is being “canceled” the best course of action to teach folks about themselves? “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown doesn’t think so.

“I don’t believe in the cancel culture,” Brown told HH while on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards. “if you cancel someone you don’t give an opportunity to hear your point of view or to learn and to grow. So we have to come together and talk about these hard subjects.”

Facts on facts! And Karamo should know — just last year, while doing promo for “Dancing with the Stars,” folks tried to cancel him just because he stated he was willing to listen to co-competitior Sean Spicer even though they didn’t share the same political views.

And thus lies the problem with the cancel culture. Sometimes we try to cancel the wrong people like Karamo, and even recently some have expressed regret over cancelling singer Chrisette Michelle after she sang at Trump’s inauguration.

And that leads us to the next reason the cancel culture should be canceled … sometimes it just doesn’t work! Kanye West has been canceled more times than we can think of, yet, he still keeps on keeping on. His entire empire seems to be on an upswing, yet he’s been “canceled.” Make it make sense.

Maybe we need to think of something new. The cancel culture just doesn’t seem to be it.

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