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10 Times Rihanna Was A Bad Girl Gone Good!



Rihanna may be dubbed the “badgal” but she loves to do good. According to Forbes she is the worlds richest female musician, with a net worth of more than 600 million dollars. And she does not hesitate to share that fortune with others. Here are ten times RiRi dropped a mind blowing amount of cash on others.

She Gifted Her Mom With A $10 Million Dollar House

While Rihanna let her Father pick his home, she pulled off the surprise of a lifetime back in 2012 when she gifted her mother a stunning 5 bedroom, 10 million dollar mansion in Barbados. RiRi told her mother she wanted her to be a part of an interview with Oprah, but what Monica Braithwaite didn’t know is that the sit-down was in her new, fully furnished home. After touring the property, an emotional Rihanna, finally pulled out a little box with the key and handed it to her mother. Confused at first Monica finally understood what her daughter had done and everybody cried.

She Dropped Nearly Two Million on a Home for Her Dad

When your daughter is one of the biggest stars in the world, you attract a lot of attention. Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty said that buses full of tourist would routinely pull up to his house in Barbados, so Rihanna bought him a new one. Actually she sent her father several choices and let him make the decision. He went with a 1.8 million dollar beauty in the trendy, and exclusive Sandy Lane enclave. His neighbors, well Beyonce and Jay Z own a home in the community and so does Simon Cowell.

She Dropped Six Figures on Her Niece’s Birthday Party

Um, can Rihanna be our aunt?! We all know there are few people on this planet she loves more than her niece Majesty. From the moment she was born Rihanna has showered the little girl with gifts but nothing takes the cake (pun intended) like the b-day bash she threw for Majesty’s third birthday. The “Wild Thoughts” singer spared no expense dropping a whopping six figures on the bash. According to InTouchWeekly “She had a Louis Vuitton tent and a Chanel tent filled with expensive gifts from each fashion house.”  But we kinda aren’t surprised. Majesty has been rocking designer duds thanks to Rih since she was 1. Remember when she bought her a chanel bag for her first birthday.

She Raised Over 2.3 Billion Dollars For GPE

In 2016 Rihanna was named, “global ambassador” for the Global Partnership for Education, a job she takes very seriously. Two years after earning that title she helped the organization raise the mind blowing sum of 2.3 billion dollars during their fundraising conference in Sengal. The GPE is a multinational effort to fund education in developing countries, and Rihanna single handily convinced French President Emmanuel Macron to pledge 200 million euros to the cause.

She Donated $1.75 Million To Build a State of the Art Oncology Center In Bardados

In 2012 Rihanna donated  a whopping $1.75 million dollars to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Babados to build a state of the art Cancer Center, the first of it’s kind in the Caribbean. The donation was in memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite who passed away after a battle with the disease.The funds  were funneled through Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation and were used to purchase equipment for the hospital’s radiotherapy department.  The department was later renamed the Clara Braithwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.

She Bought Her Brother A $130K Sports Car

It was a definitely a super sweet sixteenth for Rihanna’s little brother Rajad. Back in 2013 the beauty mogul spent $130,000 on a luxury sports car for her brother, who didn’t even have a drivers license. Rajad had to drive his brand new Black Mercedes with his mother in tow until he was legal.

She Bought A House For Her Other Brother

SO while Rajad got a car, his elder brother, Rorrey got a house. Rihanna purchased the home to help set up Rorrey who is an aspiring rapper. Rorrey goes by the stage name GQ and is reportedly extremely close with his sister. Apparently that kind of love can get you a Luxury spot on the beach when your sister is the worlds wealthiest female musician.

She Did A Public AIDS Test With Prince Harry

Sometimes her gifts have nothing to do with money, but the effect is the equivalent of spending millions on an advertising campaign. In 2016 Rihanna and  Prince Harry took public HIV tests to help break the stigma surrounding the disease. Sure the duo could have dropped loads of cash but the gesture was priceless. Rih and Harry had the finger-prick procedure done during a visit to a HIV drop-in center in Barbados on World Aids Day. While both of their tests came back negative, they wanted people to understand that positive results aren’t necessarily a death sentence and encourage more men to get tested.

Her Clara Lionel Foundation Has Donated Over $13 Million

In 2012, the singer launched her own charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation. Named after her grandparents, the mission driving this organization is access to proper education for children worldwide, as well as quality healthcare. Since its founding, CLF has funded more than 59 global projects and committed over $13 million in grants across the education and emergency response sectors. Her Diamond Ball raises funds specifically for the foundation. In 2018, the black-tie benefit raised over $5 million to support CLF’s global education and emergency response programs around the world.

She Balled Out One Christmas Gave Out Cash

In 2015, instead of elaborate gifts Rihanna hooked her friend up with straight cash. Big Fat Wads of Cash. The reaction was simply priceless.


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